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i stylize in lowercase, but lbr, LIFE SHOULD BE LIVED IN ALL CAPS.

i am a strong, star-spangled starfish AND DON'T LET ME FORGET IT
great lakes pawnee goddesses
hockey things
amber vs drunk cubs fans 2013
amber vs drunk cubs fans 2014
amber vs the emmys

individual and one-time strings of posts in case you need to remember why you're here:
amber liveblogs and contextualizes wendy davis's filibuster
"we need a great day today!"
everything you didn't want to know about nick miller
mike schur for dummies
texas forever

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in general, if you were wondering, everything is stillscape's fault
allison is the best when you're obsessed with things
co-co-owners of SUPERCLOSET, kate & kyrie-anne because you can never have enough blue dresses maybe they'll let me borrow some?)
and many others but this is getting ridiculously long anyway. (twss.)

chillin' in st. barts with my pimp daddy lorne